Out of love for the River
IIJOKISOUTU, Taivalkoski - Pudasjärvi, July 5 - 10, 2010
July 5 - 10, 2010


For free waters and migratory fish
- since 1983


Out of love for the River

Taivalkoski, Lake Jokijärvi, Saija   -   Pudasjärvi, Kipinä


  • Gathering to Holiday Center Saija, Jokijärvi, Taivalkoski
  • Signing up
  • Opening Ceremony in Saija begins 8 PM
      * Greetings from the Rowing Commission
  • Dancing
  • Boarding: Own tent or mobile home, or you can rent a room or an apartment from Saija


  • Breakfast at Saija
  • Coxswains of boats gather, 8:40 AM
  • Boats are launched from Saija, 9 AM
  • Moment of Piety in Kirkkosaari (Church Island)
  • Coffee in Hepokangas
  • Beaching at Putaanmutka around 4 PM
  • Eating in Jalava. (If you're getting your car from Saija, you'll eat there at Saija.)
  • Boarding: own tent or mobile home, Hotel Herkko, or the attic in Jalava
  • Sauna: Rowing Center, hotel, Jalava
  • Dancing in the Old Mill, from 9 PM to 2 AM


  • Breakfast in the Jalava Cabin
  • Boats are launched 9:00 AM
  • Salmon and coffee at Koivukoski
  • Sun and swimming at a beach
  • Beaching at Parviainen, shore of Siira, where eating, sauna and
  • Boarding in own tents or mobile homes, small camping fee
  • Evening programme: Jukka Takalo acoustically on air, and
  • Rowers' own programme


  • Breakfast
  • Launching from Parviainen at 9 AM
  • A stop at Räpättävä (you can eat there if you have food with you, but none is being sold there)
  • Coffee at the cable ferry of Kello
  • Beaching at Kurki
  • Eating and sauna at the school building in Kurki
  • Boarding in own tents or mobile homes, or the school building, small fee
  • Evening programme: dancing and campfire


  • Breakfast
  • Boats are launched at 8 AM
  • A stop at Halmeniemi, traditional dishes and coffee
  • Campfire and coffee close to Kurenkoski (Kurki Rapids), in Eeten. ITE art exhibition!
  • Beaching to Hilturanta, Lake Pudasjärvi, where
  • Eating, sauna and sleeping
  • You can make a room reservation; rooms are for 2-4 people and contain mini-kitchens, 15€ per night per one person. There's also group housing, a bed places 7-10€ per night per one person. No camping fee if you sleep in a tent.


  • Breakfast
  • Launching boats at 8 AM
  • A stop at the statue of Kelluva Kivi (Floating Rock)
  • A stop at Varpuvirrat
  • Cheese and coffee at Kollajanniemi
  • Voluntary rafting the rapids in Toho, Kipinä
  • Beaching in Vähkyrä
  • Conclusion Feast in Kipinä, programme and
  • salmon soup for everyone!


  • The Iijoki Rowing is not a competition, but a journey to enjoy nature and the landscapes. Landscapes include local countryside and wilderness.
  • Previous experience is not required, and people of all ages can join the event. The boats have experienced coxswains who know how to steer the boats in rapids or other difficult parts, so you'll be safe.
  • It is arranged so that you can buy food and coffee from the event.
  • Boarding: In own tents, mobile homes, classrooms, hotels, hostels etc. depending on the place.
  • Every place where we spend a night has a sauna.
  • In the evenings there is programme including dancing, music etc.
  • A bus travels with the event, and you can transport your extra luggage (anything you don't need during the days) in it instead of taking it in the boat. The bus brings car drivers (one person per a car) to the previous boarding places, where they can get their cars (and extra luggage) and drive them to the current boarding place. The bus leaves soon after the rowing has ended for the day. This transport is included in the joining fee.
  • The arrangers will move the boats past the dam in Taivalkoski.
  • Seats in the boats are reserved while signing up. You can also join with your own boat, kayak or canoe.
  • You need good camping equipment with you: a life jacket, warm clothes, a raincoat or something similiar, Wellington shoes, a sleeping bag, etc.
  • History:
    The first four rowings (1983 - 1987) were a protest against plans to build an ermonous artificial lake (the reservoir of Kollaja) and more dams and hydroelectric plants to the River Iijoki. This would have meant the end of the river as a natural environment and habitat. The "River War" ended when a law to protect rivers and rapids was enacted in 1987. After this, people have rowed for the free river. Recently, however, despite the law, Pohjolan Voima (a power company) restarted planning the reservoir in 2007. The future of the River was threatened once more, as the company wanted to build the reservoir and more hydroelectric plants. At the same time, there have been plans to return the river's own migratory fishes (such as salmon) back to the river.
    However, this is not neccessarily a political event, and you can also join it as a tourist.
  • Our photo gallery contains photos from previous Iijoki Rowing events. (You can enlarge the photographs by clicking them).

The length of rowing:
Over 160 kilometers' (100 miles') length of river. Over 100 rapids; however, those are mostly small, you don't need previous experience.

Safety and responsibility:
The event has a safety plan. Oulunseudun Melojat ry and professionals are responsible for safety. Life jackets are obligatory for everyone, and you can rent a life jacket from the rowing event. You also need to get an insurance.

The event is arranged by:
Pudasjärven luonnonsuojeluyhdistys ry's Rowing Committment of the River iijoki

Rowing Chief: Pirkko-Liisa Luhta 0400-293 023
Technical Chief: Jukka Pekkala 0400-266 590
Chief of Safety: Eija Kokko 040-524 2556
Coxswain of the first boat: Jorma Kokko 040-509 2176

Adults: For the entire event (5 days), a seat in a boat 80€/person, and for one day 25€/person

In your own boat, canoe or kayak, the fee for the entire event is 50€/person and for one day it's 15€/person.

For children under 15 years old the fee for the entire event in 20€ and for one day it's 5€.

Families (3 or more people, 2 or more of whom are 15 or older) get a 25% discount of the fees.

Fees with signing up to either the office caravan or beforehand to the bank account: Iijoen soututoimikunta Nordea 211218-2098.

PLEASE SIGN UP AND PAY BEFORE WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, IF YOU NEED A SEAT IN A BOAT. If you have your own boat, it's enough if you sign up on location. In order to avoid the morning rush, you should sign up and pay beforehand if possible. On the other hand, we won't turn away last minute participants if there are free seats in the boats.

Sign-ups and questions:
Pirkko-Liisa Luhta,
phone: 0400-293 023,
e-mail: pirkkoliisa.luhta [at] gmail.com

logo, IIJOKISOUTU, Taivalkoski - Pudasjärvi